Co-created Transformation

A systematic approach to enterprise transformation to promote engagement, gain adoption and enable a lean agile culture.

Co-creating Transformations is a feedback-driven approach to manage change in rapidly evolving environments, and provides a set of values and practices to include those impacted into the design of the transition. It has been proven in enterprises of various sizes, non-profit organizations and government agencies, helping groups shift towards a sustainable and continual change mindset. It allows team-level autonomy while providing scalability, tracking, measurement, and reporting across the enterprise change program.

Promoting Alignment and Collaboration
Leveraging techniques that are flexible, lightweight, and easy to adapt.
Meetings are often run by sitting participants around a conference table. This format is easy since most readily-available conference rooms, but it is not conducive to productive brainstorming. By changing the environment and using collaborative capturing techniques we increase productivity by an order of magnitude. Discover how easy it is to apply these lightweight tools to run impromptu meetings that often need only a room and a whiteboard.
Building Commitment and Engagement
Gaining support for the change and making the cultural & behavioral transformation stick.
The Co-creation Mindset
Key principles and fundamental factors for the success of lean-agile change management.
True enterprise agility requires a new mindset - a shift from a results-focus to an improvement-focus, where failure is accepted as part of the learning cycle. This new mindset pushes participants out of their comfort zones by empowering them to resolve day-to-day issues using their collective creativity, while giving them the support and safety necessary to try new ways of working. This mindset has its roots in scientific principles, where improvements are tried out and the results analyzed for imperfections - allowing an impartial judgement of outcomes.
Managing Concurrent Interventions
Responding to change with a structured team to plan the portfolio of activities and scale the transformation.