Facilitate your own workshops
Run licensed workshops, issue credentials and operate your own training business. We provide all the support needed to run a franchise with minimal effort.
Logistical Automation
Payments, bookings, communication, ratings, venues and cancellations. We handle all the logistics.
Marketing & Promotion
Social media, emailings, conferences, local sessions & webinars. We'll develop your local market.
Instructor Authorization
We'll help you become an authorized instructor, and issue trusted accreditions to your participants.
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What do I need to start facilitating?
1. Attend a Workshop
Each facilitator must participate the full version of an in-person (live) workshop to experience the format the session. The participation is evaluated by the event's facilitator, who will pass their opinion on to us.
2. Register
Click on the "Become a Facilitator" button and register (or login) into your free account. Accept the terms and conditions (available in the "Facilitator Network" on the left menu) and pay a one-time fee to start the process.
3. Become Authorized
Registering gives you access to preparation materials for your interview sessions to become an ICAgile authorized instructor. Once accredited, you will be eligible to pay your yearly facilitator fee and start creating events.
4. Create Events
With an active facilitator membership you can create events. All events are automatically promoted through our network and traffic to your events usually begin within the week. A payment is issued at the conclusion of each event.
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How much could I earn?
I can facilitate 6 sessions a year
This is roughly
Per year, or $1,250 a month
Frequently asked questions
What is your Facilitator Network?
We have created certified workshops that can be run all over the world, controlled through a full-stack workshop management platform and delivered in pre-specified locations we inspect before any session. As an authorized instructor, you can create and facilitate sessions in a location of your choosing, while we take care of all logistics. Once the session is completed, we pay per hour of session at a rate that is commiserate to the level of the workshop content.
What does it cost me to become a facilitator?
There is a one-time registration fee which covers the cost of learning materials and interviews to become an ICAgile Authorized Instructor. After that there is a yearly membership fee which covers the cost of licensing the content, marketing and promotion of events, and access to our network on pre-approved event venues. The registration fee is currently set at $1,000 USD, while the yearly fee is currently set at $2,500 USD per year.
Can I participate if I live outside Europe?
Yes, you may participate in the Facilitator Network if you live outside Europe. We have facilitators from all over the world and are working hard to add even more.
I have completed a workshop. When will I be paid?
Payouts happen automatically at the completion of an event, which is a few days after the end of the session. To complete an event the session must be executed fully, and the accreditation process for all participants must be finalized. Once both of these parts are completed, payment is issued.
Can I customize the content?
Substantial effort has been made to comply with all learning objectives put forth by ICAgile, and meeting them in a session requires instructors to cover all the official material. Therefore individual customization of sessions is not allowed. What we do instead is investigate change proposals through the facilitator network, and put out updated versions of the official content from time to time (as we identify improved activities and better material).