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Lean Startup has Changed Nothing!

The Lean Startup mentality is at odds with institutionalized corporate culture.

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Steve Blank, author of the pivotal HBR article "Why the Lean Start-Up Changes Everything" (HBR, 2013) has spent the last decade witnessing innovative Silicon Valley startup mindset unable to penetrate the traditional corporate cultures. Mr. Blank shares that "...after three or four years of watching corporations try to adopt a lean methodology, it hasn’t affected the top or bottom line for reasons that are a lot more cultural and organizational than they are about whether you have an incubator, an accelerator, or a chief innovation officer...". Pete Behrens explains that corporate cultures and organizational structures resist the Lean Startup mindset just as the body resists a virus, with institutionalized defense systems to prevent the spread of the contagion. These institutionalized defense systems are reinforced if the agile transformation is top-down, or "outside-in" instead of "inside-out".
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