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Capability Owner

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Nov 27, 2018 • 1 min read

The Capability Owner is a corporate strategist focused on making sure the change outcome matches the business need (the strategy/execution fit). He or she is appointed by the sponsors to represent them in the program organization and is ultimately responsible for foreseeing that the program meets its overall objectives. The Capability Owner must be empowered to make decisions on behalf of the sponsors.


  • Define the strategic objectives of the program
  • Optimize the timing of interventions into operations
  • Manage/Oversee business continuity during change
  • Maintain strategic alignment between program & org.
  • Estimate intervention value to business
  • Maintain program focus/viability on strategic benefits
  • Define/Track Key Performance Indicators
  • Financial planning and tracking

Skills and Attributes

The capability owner should have a clear understanding of the corporate strategy along with the capability extent of the organization. He or she must possess strong leadership skills and be able to make critical decisions.

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