Leadership & Empowerment

Empowering Others

Communicating vision, building trust, and leading teams towards results.
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This track showcases essential leadership qualities, highlighting the power of inspiring commitment, guiding projects to success, enabling others, and fostering individual development. It emphasizes skills like effective communication, trust-building, and adeptly managing change. The narrative underscores the significance of recognizing and rewarding efforts, showcasing a holistic approach to leadership through delegation, mentoring, coaching, and support. Overall, it paints a comprehensive picture of impactful leadership, blending vision-setting, overcoming challenges, and nurturing talent for sustained success.

Domains in this track

Directing Others

Establishes clear direction, setting goals and assigning responsibilities that ensure successful project completion. Creates reasonable work plans properly distributing work, motivating the team, recognizing merit, and rewarding efforts. Able to overcome resistance, and to ensure due credit is received.

People Development

Delegates properly while providing the authority and influence to do the work, and requiring direct accountability for results. Coaches effectively, providing clear and unambiguous performance feedback while keeping an emphasis on success and positive reinforcement. Encourages others to gain the skills and knowledge that will allow them to overcome obstacles in life or work, helping them develop their own inner strengths.

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