Personal Development

Personal Agility

Navigating challenges, making wise decisions and adeptly seizing opportunities.
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Sound Judgment

The analytical ability to comprehend a complex situation by breaking it down into its components, and identifying and organizing the key activities required for achieving a desired goal. It implies the ability to systematically organize and compare the various aspects of a problem or situation, and to determine cause-and-effect relationships to resolve problems in a sound, decisive manner.

Creative Thinking

Seizing Opportunities

Seizing Opportunities, Managing Direction & Purpose, Flexibility, Courage (Risk Taking), Seeks Opportunities to Learn The ability to make timely decisions, and seize opportunities toward outcomes not previously possible. It requires the flexibility to adapt during turbulent times, and the courage to take on calculated risks in the face of ambiguity. It means to have the necessary focus to mobilize the necessary resources to bring solutions to fruition, and to transform dreams into viable realities.

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