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Joao Gama
Facilitator of Co-created Transformation. Trainer, Coach, Writer, Speaker
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Professional Summary
Joao helps individuals, teams, and enterprises understand reactive human behavior so as to introduce natural practices that induce desired outcomes. He potentiates change by enabling each person to see their typical contributions to current situations and the triggers that initiate default responses. Joao is a tech entrepreneur, speaker, and facilitator that enables each person to step back and see the system of interaction instead of their own world.
ICAgile Certified Professional - Coaching Agile Transitions
ICAgile Certified Professional - Business Agility Foundations
Conversation Café
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May 03, 2020
User Experience Fishbowl
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May 04, 2020
Acceptance Testing
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Sep 20, 2020
Ritual Dissent
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Oct 22, 2020
The Future, Backwards
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Oct 22, 2020