Empower Innovation
Share practical solutions, promote your brand, become a thought leader, and promote continuous innovation. Foster long-term relationships through a context-rich environment that empowers people to become invaluable agents of change.
Develop a growth mindset
Discover new practices, insights and methods
Gain experience from the trenches
Find Support among people who have lived it
Pursue continuous improvement
Incorporate learning into your daily routine
Get out of your comfort zone
Debate, analyze and experiment new ideas
Grow brand credibility
Integrated membership loyalty automation
Create a steady revenue stream
Monetize accreditations, subscriptions, and affiliation
Build an active community of practice
Charter a guild of like-minded professionals
Upgrade from certification to qualification
Turn your content into a training management program
Build Together
Articles, Practices, Questions & Answers all geared towards your specific community followers.
Reach your peers
Connect with a broad audience of like-minded individuals through industry-leading SEO and audience management tools.
Methodology Agnostic
Build a library of actionable practices from thought leaders, practitioners and framework providers - all in one place.
Our Communities
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Frequently asked questions
What are communities?
Communities are user-generated spaces to share and connect with like-minded people. In it you can share actionable ideas, practices, step by step guides, articles or videos. With communities you replace static playbooks and wikis with practices that can be visibly actioned, shared or adapted.
Who owns the content that is shared?
Content is owned by its originators (authors or organizations) and shared with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. This means that the content can be shared and adapted under the terms that appropriate credit is given, any changes be clearly indicated, any derivatives must be distributed under the same terms as the original, and its distribution cannot be used for commercial purposes.
Where does the content come from?
The content in comes from many different authors and media producers. Our platform is open and not specific or exclusive to any methodology, framework, school of thought or approach. We generally invite all interested parties to contribute content, provided that the content is of a high quality, relates to relevant subject areas, and meets certain technical and ethical standards.