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Effective Collaboration At Any Scale
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Sociocracy 3.0
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What we're about

Sociocracy 3.0:
- Provides a coherent collection of principles based patterns for collaboration, to navigate complexity, adapt and evolve.
- Supports people to incrementally process available information into continuous improvement of the value stream, products, services and skills.
- Helps organizations to make the best use of the talent already present, and to grow flexible organizational structures to align the flow of information and influence to the flow of value.
- Provides an organic, iterative approach to change that meets organizations where they are and helps them move forward at their own pace and according to their unique context and needs.
- Draws on the collective intelligence of the group.
- Facilitates the development of strategies that are “good enough for now” and “safe enough to try”.
- Fosters accountability and a sense of engagement.

Is a transformational mechanism for both individuals and the whole organization.



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