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How creative workers learn - Improving creativity and learning in order to build successful careers during the XXI century.
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Learning 3.0
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What we're about

We are on a mission to help organizations migrate upwards their learning journey.

The learning levels are:
1.0 - Experts define questions and answers: In learning 1.0, individuals are knowledge receivers, expecting an expert or institution to decide on what and how to learn. This is the root of prescriptive learning, where the specialist decides on the product and the learning process.

2.0 - Learners define questions but experts define answers: In learning 2.0, there is a greater investment in dialogue and greater interaction in the learning product while maintaining the expectation that the specialist is the bearer of correct answers.

3.0 - Learners define both questions and answers: In learning 3.0, the product of learning is no longer defined by the experts and begins to emerge - taking challenges found in the real world as a basis for growth. The learning process is inclusive, promoting the confrontation of multiple perspectives. In this emergent learning, to learn you must share.



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