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Jeff Gothelf
I help orgs build better products, executives build the cultures that build better products & you build a better career.
Professional Summary
I believe humility and learning are in short supply. To improve that, I teach executives and teams -- through advising, workshops, keynotes, coaching & books -- to focus on their customers, learn from mistakes and create an agile culture that continuously improves their products and services and the way they work.
Ikigai - A Formula for Successful Agile Team Leadership
There's more to team leadership than just shipping it. What's your team's reason for being?
Jul 14, 2020
What is an OKR? Here are the Basics
A simple primer on what a good OKR looks like and common pitfalls that lead to poor OKR writing.
Aug 20, 2020
Startup Design: The Xmas Light Metaphor
Comparing the structured and open canvas methods of design.
Jan 31, 2010