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Tristan Libersat
Agile Mind-Setter, Coach & Trainer
Professional Summary
My Agile journey began in 2013 when, trained by Jeff Sutherland (co-creator of Scrum), I started as a freshly new Scrum Master at Dailymotion. There I learnt the hard way the challenges of business agility at a time when DevOps and Agile at scale where not buzz words yet. Then I took a new challenge and joined the French Ministry of Justice as one of its first Scrum Masters, proving the efficiency and compatibility of Lean-Agile approaches with Public Sector.
To task or not to task
Analyzing wether its a good idea to break Product Backlog Items (PBIs) down into tasks or not.
Jun 24, 2020
How a Stand-Up Meeting (Huddle) Can Serve Team Self-Organization
A look at the four key components of a good stand-up meeting to understand the source of its hidden servant powers.
Jul 27, 2019