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Christiaan Verwijs
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Professional Summary
I enjoy igniting positive change in teams and organisations. It is my strong belief that people should be empowered to drive change themselves, rather than being told by management or consultants how to change. My mission is to liberate the world from dehumanizing and demotivating workplaces by helping organizations find better ways to tap into the creativity, the intelligence and the wisdom of people. I feel that this is the best way forward in this world of complex work. Based on my personal experience and my background in software engineering and organisational psychology, I have found both the Scrum Framework and Liberating Structures to be powerful ingredients here.
Myth: The Sprint Backlog can’t change during the Sprint
The Sprint Backlog is flexible, as long as changes do not distract from the focus on the Sprint Goal.
Oct 30, 2017
Myth: The Product Backlog is Maintained Exclusively by the Product Owner
The Product Owner ensures that there is a Product Backlog, that it is ordered, and that it is made available to both the Scrum Team and stakeholders.
Feb 13, 2019