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Product Management

Aligning products with customers needs and the organization's purpose.
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This track focuses on the skills required to identify and understand customers as well as discover and shape winning products. It takes a strategic and external-facing view of the product life cycle, as the role of the Product Manager becomes even more vital as organizations embrace business agility. As organizations become more customer-centric, there is a need to better understand and relate to customers. Product discovery and product strategy become key to aligning the product(s) with the organization’s purpose and customers’ needs.

Domains in this track

Target Audience

Primary audience: Product Managers and aspiring product managers working in organizations on a business agility journey.

Market Research and Conceptualization

Also called Product Discovery or Idea Generation, this is the activities conducted to figure out what should be built. Users are either studied or researched, a market size is estimated, possible product ideas are generated/aggregated and finally a business case is prepared to be presented to stakeholders.

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Customer Analysis & Segmentation

Companies employing customer segmentation operate under the fact that every customer is different and that their marketing efforts would be better served if they target specific, smaller groups with messages that those consumers would find relevant and lead them to buy something. Companies also hope to gain a deeper understanding of their customers' preferences and needs with the idea of discovering what each segment finds most valuable to more accurately tailor marketing materials toward that segment.

Product Analytics

Product Analytics allow each feature of a product to be estimated, measured and tracked against a desired revenue forecast. KPIs and Metrics allow companies to monitor product success, while Data Analysis allows organizations to identify and quantify specific user behaviors in order to validate product hypothesis. Finally, A/B Testing allows organizations to try out possible solutions with test users before rolling out to the entire user base.

Product Metrics

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