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A complete interactive website detailing all of the rules (and values) of Extreme Programming (XP)

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Jun 01, 1999 • 6 min read
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Agile Techniques
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Extreme Programming (XP)


The turning point in current software development came in the mid 1990s. Many people were re-examining the idea that software must be built like hardware. Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber were formalizing a new process called SCRUM. Alistair Cockburn was working on Crystal Clear. Kent Beck was hired to spend a couple days each month on a project that also hired Ron Jeffries to join notable agile proponents Martin Fowler and Chet Hendrickson on the project. Kent mixed together the best practices from several emerging agile processes with things he had learned while working with Ward Cunningham. It would solve the current integration problem, allow design simplifications, and lead the team to his ultimate goal of collective ownership.

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