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Conversation Café

Engage everyone in making sense of profound challenges.

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The Conversation Café allows for an unlimited number of people to quickly share their thoughts about a specific subject and steers the group towards a shared understanding of the issue. It works best for complex, difficult, or painful situations as it lays the ground work for being able to move on. A single conversation café session takes from 35 minutes to one hour.

You can include and engage any number of people in making sense of confusing or shocking events and laying the ground for new strategies to emerge. The format of the Conversation Café helps people have calm and profound conversations in which there is less debating and arguing, and more listening. Sitting in a circle with a simple set of agreements and a talking object, small groups will engage in rounds of dialogue with little or no unproductive conflict. As the meaning of their challenge pops into focus, a consensual hunch is formed that will release their capacity for new action.

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