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Change Champion

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Nov 27, 2018 • 1 min read

A change champion is the facilitator of a change team. The Change Champion is not the project leader and is not held accountable for outcomes (the team is), being responsible for ensuring the team reaches consensus, stay focused, follow agreed-upon rules, removing obstacles and protecting the team from outside distractions. An operational role responsible for planning and governance and for overseeing the successful delivery of the program’s output/product.


  • Monitor change program progress
  • Manage/Correct program risks and issues
  • Coordinate interventions and their dependencies
  • Coordinate resources across interventions
  • Track/Report on progress and outcomes
  • Prioritize the intervention backlog
  • Define program governance (controls)
  • Manage budget

Skills and Attributes

Although knowledge of the business is important, there is more stress on the mindset of servant leadership. Change Champions facilitate, negotiate, shield the team, resolve conflicts, remove impediments, forecast, and prioritize the work of the team. Key skills include interpersonal, negotiation and coaching skills.

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