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Change Evangelist

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Nov 27, 2018 • 1 min read

The Change Evangelist is responsible for ensuring the knowledge captured by the Change Agents is transferred across the organization. He or she works closely with (or is a member of) the communications team to ensure consistency, frequency and transparency in the brokerage of information relating to the change project. 

With a strong knowledge management background, the Evangelist is also responsible for implementing structures such as communities of practice and knowledge intranets to support the change program. A Change Evangelist can be focused on a specific program or support all the organization’s programs. 


  • Plan/Execute communication plans to stakeholders
  • Manage stakeholder communication
  • Transfer lessons learned to new interventions
  • Guard the visibility of the change program
  • Ensure buy-in and understanding of change program
  • Enable knowledge management systems

Skills and Attributes

An understanding of the business objectives along with an empathy for the impact the changes will have on the stakeholders is necessary, but the primary skill of the Evangelist is the ability to lay down the ground work for knowledge management within the organization. The Evangelist should have a strong Organizational Development background.

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