The Sponsor
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The Sponsor

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Apr 07, 2019 • 1 min read

The sponsor is the most senior member of the program organization, providing the executive backing and visibility for the change project. The Change Sponsor also ensures proper financing for the success of the change project. Often in large programs, there is more than one sponsor or sponsoring group, and must include at least a high-ranking “chief”-level executive (extending to the board of directors). The sponsor has some crucial responsibilities, some of which are often ignored to the detriment of the program.


  • Authorize & Sign-off on the change program
  • Secure/Authorize program funding
  • Demonstrate visible support for program
  • Resolve organisational impediments
  • Resolve strategic issues with senior stakeholders
  • Approve/Validate program progress

Skills and Attributes

He or she should have a clear vision of the strategy, very strong entrepreneurial skills, high credibility in the organization, and a deep knowledge of the business.

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