Slack is not a dirty word: How ‘slack’ can improve your products. cover image

Slack is not a dirty word: How ‘slack’ can improve your products.

Exploring the relationship between the need for "idle time" and increasing productive capacity in Kanban.

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Jul 27, 2012 • 6 min read
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The word Slack is often poised with a negative connotation that it creates more idle time for employees while they could be utilizing the spare time for productive tasks in the company. This article subverts that claim suggesting that its crucial for exercutives to do away with that negative mindset against Slack. It explains that rather than staying idle, employees have more time to reflect on innovations and improvements keeping the company's products and services stable and innovative. Learn more in the article about Slack and how to leverage its spare time for more valuable things in the company.


  • Slack creates more time for teams to reflect on innovations and improvements thus making company products more innovative and stable.
  • Slack is important ot smoothy-flowing and efficient system.
  • Slack prevents exercutives from requesting developers to add new features to a system during their downtime that in time lead to system overload.
  • The word Slack does not necessarily mean employees are idle and not doing productive things to the company, it is crucial for this mindeset to change in exercutives.

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