Transcend the “Feature Factory” Mindset Using Modern Agile and OKR cover image

Transcend the “Feature Factory” Mindset Using Modern Agile and OKR

Combining Modern Agile with the proper use of OKR can be a lightweight, joyful way for organizations to help their people achieve awesome results.

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Most agile implementations focus on delivery, while management sets the strategy and cascades goals down to the teams. This top-down waterfall management style turns teams into "feature factories", coding and testing without a clear understanding of the bigger context. As the authors point out, "using Agile to deliver a waterfall plan has limited benefits".

A better way is proposed by embracing OKR (Objectives and Key Results) management in conjunction with Modern Agile principles. OKRs are evaluated frequently and are by-directional, where teams craft their own objectives only after understanding the overall corporate objective - creating contracts with their managers for their delivery.

OKRs also support the four Modern Agile principles: 1) Deliver Value Continuously, by ensuring day-to-day tasks actually achieve the desired outcome (meet the pre-defined Key Results); 2) Experiment & Learn Rapidly, by distributing objective setting down to the front line; 3) Make People Awesome, by enabling autonomous and self-organized teams deciding how they will reach the desired outcomes; and 4) Make Safety a Prerequisite, by decoupling OKRs from compensation and promotions and thus providing psychological safety for teams to try and fail fast.
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