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Product vs. Feature Teams

Getting teams to solve problems in ways our customers love, focused on and measured by outcomes (rather than output).

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Learn about three Product teams that exist inside a tech environment and their objectives in this article. The text broadly explains what Delivery Teams, empowered Product Teams, and Feature Teams are and how they work. We also clearly learn the difference between Product Teams and Feature Teams that are inked to be similar whereas they vary in contrast to the roles of the Product managers.


  • An empowered Product Team manager is explicitly responsible for ensuring value and Business viability.
  • Delivery Teams in a tech environment have great numbers and mostly focus on output. While Product Teams are focused on outcomes rather than output. They solve problems in ways customers love and work for the business.
  • Product Teams and Feature Teams look similar but they're completely different, especially when it comes to the roles of the Product Managers. The Feature Team product manager directs the team to deliver output based on the provided roadmap by the stakeholders. He is accountable if the Product fails to deliver value and Business viability.
  • The tech field is occupied by three types of product teams. The Delivery Teams (Dev Teams), the Product Teams, and the Feature teams.