Employee Development

Develop and implement solutions to improve the effectiveness of individuals and teams in the organization.

Managers are responsible for implementing and enabling, through their staff, an organization's people policies and practices in alignment with business objectives and core values. Their main functions with respect to employees include: 

  • recruitment and selection, 
  • training, mentoring, coaching and staff development,
  • performance management and appraisal,
  • motivation,
  • well-being, and
  • team building.

Managers are typically responsible for training new employees as well as employees who have been promoted to a new position. They’re usually also tasked with training their team on new processes and procedures. Regardless of the type of training, the best managers are typically those who are personally engaged throughout the training process.

Great managers find ways to incorporate ongoing training throughout the employee’s tenure with the company, always challenging and motivating employees to grow their skills. This includes offering encouragement, providing constructive feedback and performing regular assessments. Managers that are closely engaged with their employees will have a deeper understanding of where they can improve and can identify opportunities for further education, training and development.

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