Specialization of: Business Agility

Enterprise Coaching

Helping organizations design and implement successful transformation.

To work effectively at the enterprise level, practitioners need a strong background in change management and/or organizational design and a curiosity about agile approaches. Enterprise coaching deals with organizational design, enterprise agile frameworks, executive / leadership coaching, large group facilitation, and change management strategies. Practitioners understand the considerable breadth of the field, the ethical considerations, have experience with various structures and processes, have spent considerable time with leadership and shaping culture, dealt with organizational impediments and managed enterprise transitions.

Topics covered include systems and complexity theory, measuring business performance from an agile perspective, agile frameworks for enterprise scaling, awareness of organizational design and structure, understanding leadership development, and engaging leadership in conversations about organizational culture. It also covers elements central to agile transitions such as organizational and human change processes, transformation strategies, addressing organizational impediments, and communicating, educating, and facilitating at an organizational level.

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